Comware 7 Tacacs priv-level

RBAC in comware | 6/28/2018


Today i have been looking to a good table for the privilege levels in comware 7. Within Clearpass you can return a priv-level within the tacacs authentication.

This table is also know as the RBAC table.

Here is the table i was looking for:


User role name level Permissions
network-admin - Accesses all features and resources in the sytem.
network-operator -

Accesses all display commands for all features and resouces in the system.

Enables local authentication users to change their passwords.

level-n(0 to 15) 0

Has access to dianostics commands like tracert and ping. These are configurable.

  1 Has all rights of 0 plus display commands to all resources in the system
  2-8,10-14 No rights by default
  9 Has all rights to all features and resources accept RBAC, local users, file management and device management
  15 Has all rights exept changing local users with network-admin of network-operator role


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