Client debuging on Meru controller


Found this in the tech docs of Meru.


Via CLI commands on the Meru controller CLI

To enable the station log while in the Meru controller CLI, enter these commands:

Enter the interactive per-station event logging shell:

wlan-controller # station-log
After entering "station-log" the prompt will change to "station-log>" at which point the following commands can be entered (where <MAC address> is the station's MAC address containing colons):
station-log> station add <MAC address>
station-log> enable
At this point, the Meru controller will display information about the specified station(s), specifically, debug messages for the station's 802.11 connection.

To disable, use:
station-log> station del <MAC address>
station-log> disable
station-log> quit

Via Meru Controller Web UI

The station log for a specific station can also be obtained via the Meru controller Web UI under Monitor > Diagnostics > Station.

1. Enter MAC address containing colons and click on "Start Diagnostics".

2. Select "Station Diagnostics".

3. To disable logging of the station log, click on "Stop Diagnostics". 


Works great!


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