Clearpass Client did not complete EAP transaction

with ssh authentication | 11/24/2017


Today i ran into a problem with radius authentication on a ArubaOS-Switch for management.

The switch was a Aruba 2530 with ssh configured to authenticate to a clearpass cluster with peap-mschapv2.

The error i got in clearpass was "Client did not complete EAP transaction". and in the logs there was no inner method available.

So the switch was configured this way:

aaa authentication web login peap-mschapv2 local
aaa authentication web enable radius local
aaa authentication ssh login peap-mschapv2 local
aaa authentication ssh enable radius local

After some looking i found out that the time on the switch was running behind and that the sntp configuration was not correct. So i changed it to the correct config and let it sync.

Now the authentication did complete as normal and i could login over ssh.

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